Again, this is an older post.  I have posts ready to go, but I will be busy for a few days.  I promise to post them just as soon as I can.  In the meantime, pretend I’m doing some fad like “way back Wednesday” or some other blogging gimmick Smile…lol

I will admit that I can’t believe it’s been 4 years.  It doesn’t seem that long.  Our desires and dreams have not been met, but I have grown greatly as a person and learned an immense amount I didn’t know I needed to.  I would much rather change the way I have than be “happy” without a clue.  I was almost doomed to being complacent and standard before God lead and I followed!  I am very thankful!

We had one bed set up in the “living room” with a TV and a DVD player.  We lived like that for almost a week as we cleaned up and fixed up the master bedroom.




Once that was done, we were able to move into the master bedroom, and work on our little boy’s room.  He lived in the living room until then.

We have a teeny little wood stove that is actually a fire place insert converted for a trailer.  We bought a new wood stove b/c you could get warmer huddling a snow ball than around the old one, and discovered that it is “not approved for mobile homes.”  We have come to find the only ones that are approved are extremely expensive cast iron look pretties that do pretty much nothing.  However, after talking with the insurance agent, as long as we put the new stove in the addition we will hopefully soon build, it is considered not part of a mobile home and therefore covered.  In the meantime, we replaced the missing firebricks in the old stove and fixed the flue as it rotated freely, and now it stays lit over night-well 6 hours anyway.  The new stove is an end table until the addition is built.

My husband built us a new bed and a pantry



The chicken coup-two feet of fertilizer for my garden!   Guess again.  These idiots put OSB down every year instead of actually cleaning it out and so I have to shovel out layer after layer of poop/OSB lasagna.  Oh…and it’s frozen.  There are also plenty of nails and wires and other trash and junk all over the place.  It’s amazing any of his chickens survived!


Arlis, my husband, built a run, but cut a hole in the coup.  No door.  After I explained to him, in disbelief, that you can’t have a permanent open hole in the bottom of your chicken coop, he’s going to build a door to replace the gaping hole he cut in the wall.

There is a herd of beautiful black cows outside our back door.  20 feet from our back door actually.  Mya, the dog, just about ended her life, and our neighbor’s fence, that day when she decided to bark herself silly at the poor cows that started stamping their feet and acting a wee bit upset.  As I herded the dog back to the door, they followed me wherever I went….that’s a bit unsettling.

We ordered the orchard/berries today.  A lot of money, hopefully just once, but we did put some off until next year to span our spending out some.  Next year we plan to get the apples, peaches, etc.  This year, we got: strawberries, Arlis insisted on blueberries, thornless blackberries (I said to just go grab some wild ones, Arlis insisted to get these for whatever reason.  I think he wanted the thornless in particular), raspberries, concord seedless grapes, 2 pecan trees (they don’t self pollinate), almond tree, orange and banana trees that are especially made for growing in pots so we can bring in during the cold months, and my cherry tree!

I tried to order seeds, but the company is BO’d to where I can’t yet.  I may have to find another company and that is going to be hard as I only use open pollinated heirloom varieties.

Well, we have learned about boredom and how much we rely on the internet.  We have learned how to live without any TV as we get TWO channels that consist of a splotchy PBS and a channel with Jerry Springer, Tyra Banks, and some other horrible show that I can’t remember as I refuse to even try anymore.  OH…aaaaaand the DSL is only 1.5 so the streaming Netflix is constantly stopping to catch up.  (since analog is no longer available, we had to purchase over $100 in antenna and booster and grounding, etc in order to get these two channels.  And even then it’s only some of the time.)  I can’t get my PC to keep Central time, and the cat refuses to use the scratching post. (She still doesn’t)  Also, we have been VERY grateful and full of prayer for our internet now and not losing power.  For having enough food to last the storm and our retained sanity.

We have been snowed in for several days and can’t even make it to the mailbox.  Arlis thinks today may be the day we can!  Below are some pictures of our winter (looking out over our field from the house) so far: