We are ready for the chickens!  We haven’t found any yet, but are going to try again Sunday at the flea market.  If you forgot what it looked like before, check out the previous blog.  After removing a TON of crap…about 20 wheelbarrows full, the old nesting boxes, building a new door, pouring a concrete floor, latching necessary doors, adding new nesting boxes and roosts, we have the following:


The hay came from our field.  It was just lying about, so I raked it in piles with a garden rake and Marcus put the piles in the wheelbarrow.  It was a few loads, less than ten.  We’ll add more after the chickens have moved it around a bit.

finshed coup with swing

That’s the new door.  The swings were the kid’s idea.  I’ve heard of roosters using and enjoying them, so I said “go ahead.”  That’s the new door Arlis built.  We also cleaned up the run, but it’s not completely secure yet, so they’ll stay in here a few days.

Arlis has also been busy upstairs, so-to-speak.  He closed up one end, put up ceiling beams, added a few rafters, and secured a few with lathe.   He also finished making all the rafters necessary for the roof…supposedly.

IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119

We’ll be ready for the metal soon!!  Then we can move some more from the shed and not have to make as many trips as often.