Peggy, Arlis’s little sister, bought the kids a duckling.  Arlis wanted a duck, he didn’t know it was a duckLING.  I must find a way to repay Peggy for this kindness (note the evil sarcasm)


It wasn’t long as we had to come up with something more that 12-18 inches tall because this little booger is already able to jump out.  The new one also has a lid.  This duck is already spoiled rotten and would rather be with us than the chickens as Arlis put it in the coop and it ran to him tweeting away…more than once.


Below is our budding almond tree:



Blueberry buds:



The garden is all planted save the corn and feed corn.  Mya is EXTREMELY dangerous for the chickens and hunts them down.  We have to keep her outside or locked up in our bedroom right now to keep the duckling safe.  The cat’s fine.  In fact, the duck bit her on the nose and it was quite amusing.  It was a “hey, who or what are you” nibble, but scared Priscilla nonetheless.  I have more, but will leave you with this.  Good night!