Arlis got half the roof done today, well, half of the addition.  There’s still the existing that we have to cover.  I must say, it is far easier than shingles.  Considering it was just he and I, I’m curious as to how they get away with charging more to install a metal roof as a shingled one.  This is far easier and cheaper and last at least twice as long.  More dangerous on the hands…


That being said, if ANYONE has encountered carpenter ants, and has had a SUCCESSFUL extermination, let me know what to do.  We had TWO queens today, and I finally managed to note the node that distinguishes carpenters from other ants.  I followed one after baiting it with syrup, and I lost it under the stove.  We’ve had the stove out b4 and noticed nothing odd.  We may have to spray, and I don’t like that.  We also have a wasp problem, but I’m working on it.  The bug season is starting.  Arlis was scratching his back in bed and said it felt like something crawling on him.  Somehow, our bed gets crumbs in it, and we don’t eat in bed.  In fact, I rarely eat a bowl of cereal at the PC and that’s IT.  Finally, he raised up and I caught a tick crawling up his back-eww!  Got one on my leg a little while ago.  Do they make Frontline for humans?


Joy of the day, let the chickens out into their run for their maiden voyage.  Mya was inside the house, of course, and only let out when they were put up late afternoon.  They didn’t want out, and, naturally, I missed the hysterical pic of three necks craning out of their coop.  I also missed the gorgeous pic of George in the sun with his purple and green and orange reflecting beautifully.  sigh.  But I got this one for you



I put some video on youtube, boring, but fun for those who miss chickens or like them as you get to hear all the cooing and purring sounds.  They never ventured more than the shaded area, and really enjoyed catching worms.  I would’ve been happier if it were millipedes and grubs, but what can you do?  Notice the front pullet has bent inside toes.  We’re culling her-we’ll eat her eggs, but hatch the others.  If she goes broody, well, I guess we’ll just have to do the ole switcheroo.  Cute pic of duck



And would someone explain the following?  They dug this hole, about 3 inches deep, and just hunkered down as though expecting nuclear warfare.

The strawberries are doing nicely (the ones we planted).  Two are flowering.

We even have potato sprouts from when Arlis planted some that my cupboard let rot (don’t even think for a minute I would do such a thing-ha ha ).  Yes, it needs weeding, note I said ARLIS’s experiment, not mine.  Looks like I’ll be weeding it anyway…sigh.  The sprout is the middle left bush from the hill/row of dirt.



I also got a cool pic of a tulip.  I’ve never seen a tulip with curly leaves b4-cool.  The surprise flower garden also contains some flower Dawn told me, but I forgot, hyacinth, purple irises (yay!) that aren’t blooming yet, and mint.  I pulled the mint when I weeded before I realized what it was-oops, but there’s some left.