I had a phone call where I haven’t let people know the latest….(smiles).  Here is the finished roof.  Halfway done from underneath.

Where it ties into the existing shingled roof that will be left intact.



From the top:


Our first queen carpenter ant…that’s a big ant:



They don’t have the poison that I want in any stores.  We are going to try cornstarch for a few days, and then order the stuff online.  They seem to be going outside to a nest, so I’m hoping there’s no indoor nest.  I’ve tapped all the walls and haven’t heard anything.  Dad said he used baby powder for his sugar ants, which we have too.  His baby powder is the cornstarch kind, so we just put that down.  I’ll put more down when I clean the bathrooms tomorrow and see what happens.  The population has decreased, but that may be coincidental.  Well, my tendinitis is hurting after helping Arlis with the dry wall, weeding, and tilling some more, so I’m off to going to bed on time for the first time this week