OK, so Merlin wouldn’t shut up, so we got him a friend.

As you can see, they’re quite happy together.  In fact, Merlin is MUCH quieter and doesn’t even try to get out any more.  He’s happier with the new one more than us now pretty much.  And that’s good.

As cute and wonderful as they are, I will NEVER do this again!  They are the nastiest, messiest things I have ever had and that includes Marcus as a baby!  They play with their water until their bedding is swimming in it.  They are now in Mya’s kennel with a chick feeder and waterer.  We were using those with the new chicken.

Doesn’t she look mean???  As you can see, she rules the roost!  No egg today, but we did get a second one yesterday.  They are almost blue, so I may be wrong about the blood lines.  In fact, I discovered that Americanas are made via RIR and Auracana mix.  So my idea of mixing RIR with Americana is pretty stupid.  Oh well, life goes on.  I guess we’ll just add new breeds as we need to in order to help the flock, like bigger ones or if I see a really pretty one or something.  We’ll wait a month, and then let the noobie go broody because from my understanding, rooster torpedoes last 14-21 days within the hen.  So we want to make sure whatever rooster last visited the new hen is completely flushed before we hatch any.  We date the eggs with a sharpie so we know which ones to eat first, and I think that will come off with acetone if we ever want to blow the eggs or something.

Other exciting news, we have potato, carrot, and beet sprouts-yippie!  The potato spuds from earlier weren’t the serious ones, just left over rotten ones from the kitchen.  These are the good ones we bought.  Red Pontiac, which I just learned is from 1983, but you have to start somewhere.  Hopefully, we can do an heirloom next year.  We have two rows here and the other eight rows in the lower field where the field corn will be.  Hopefully, those will all be extra and we can sell them.

beet-the ones with red stems-which look almost identical to one of the weeds.  And I can’t weed the carrot and beet beds well because of damaging the good plants…hopefully the good ones will be established well enough soon that I can.

Our trees are doing great, another raspberry has bloomed, the grape finally bloomed, the strawberries are doing WONDERFULLY, and all the trees, save the pecan, are very happy.  The blackberries are recovering, and other than still having no clue as to where we will sell our stuff save the flea market, we are doing marvelously.  Oh, and I have to finish the weeding, and I don’t like that, especially since I didn’t know it was a strawberry field, so it got run over.