Firstly, we have berries!



Let’s hope the birds don’t get them!

My flox…

  I know some people want it for covering ditches, but I don’t know when to transplant.  If you’re interested, look it up and I’ll try to get you some, but I do like it as it pretty much covers the whole yard!


I also found volunteer seedlings in the flower bed that the previous owners planted.  It looks like an old garden plant nearby, but I can’ t tell what it is.  Maybe these are from unharvested fruit?  I’m getting my hopes up that they’re cucumber.


We got our banana tree today.  It’s another potted variety like the orange tree.

This is a banana tree?!?!?!

  Here is the orange tree from today.  It’s doing well!

  On another note, all of the insulation is now in and dry wall is going up.  The wires are completely pulled and awaiting connection to the source.  We will soon have lights and maybe even separate rooms!