Mya was all excited trying to show me something.  She caught a rat.  We praised her and gave her a treat.  I picked it up with a grocery bag to throw in the burn barrel, and she nicely chomped it’s dangling head to inform me she wanted it.  I let it go.  If she throws it up later on my carpet, neither of us will be a happy camper.  I wear a size 8 or so btw.  And no, it’s not a opossum.

Project strawberry patch is doing well.  The weeding was a success.  I didn’t know dandelions could get that big.  The hard part was separating the plants as many grew together.  A few strawberries lost their lives in sacrifice…sigh.  Some of the strawberry leaves are quite huge too!


Merlin is getting his feathers in.  He’s pitiful.  We let them take a bath one day.  Cute.  He has also pooped blood off and on, and we link it to the fact that his brain is so small he doesn’t know what to eat when we let him out for his daily exercise and therefore ate a lint ball or something else stupid.  He acts healthy otherwise, and we watch them far more closely now when they are out and cover a few things we think might be dangerous for them.  Good grief they stink!!!!!  On another note, we are letting the new hen go broody now.  We’ll build the chamber tomorrow (plan to anyway) and let you know how that pans out.  We want to now rather than later because of her frequency of laying.  Any undesirable chicks just won’t be allowed to reproduce.  (this pic was a few days ago.  He has more feathers now)