We finished more flooring

and we bought EIGHTEEN chickens.  They are blue marans and lay chocolate brown eggs.  The pigment is actually put on as the egg is laid, so it can be washed off…weird.  They are French.  We bought 18 for….get this….$30.  That’s less than $2 a bird.  Now think.  Most chickens are about $5 each at the store already butchered.  You can buy them for $5 each at flea markets and such, but it’s hard to find that way.  They’re usually $10-$15 each, and sometimes $8, I have seen them for $200 each, but that’s obviously a different story altogether.  We ate one rooster last night.  Well, OK, tried to eat it.  It tasted wonderful but was tougher than jerky (dad suggested making dumplings, but one new thing at a time).  Arlis made a contraption with a killing cone and an old sink under it with a bucket to catch the blood.  We learned a lot, (we need a sharper knife).  Marcus liked it (the eating) and Mya had a blast!  We are down to just 2 roosters and a cockerel now.  The others are too young to tell.  I wanted to flush out his system and fatten him a little-it was pitiful-but he needed to go.  They were in a very confined area when we bought them, and I have a video to see how happy they are now.  George is a wonderful rooster.  He makes sure everyone is in, and he about had a fit when that one rooster didn’t come back-even if he wasn’t nice to him.






I still think 25 chickens is a bit much.  But we hope and pray we can have a self-sustaining production line going now for food.  Now to just eat the deer that ate our field corn last night/this morning, and maybe we can grow some feed too…sigh



We were able to hatch 2 out of the dozen or so eggs.  One is blonde, and the other is black/grey.  I call it blonde b/c it’s not the typical yellow.  I like the black one.  I will have a blog with the progression of the hatching with details and pics shortly.  Here they are a couple of days ago.

Arlis got bit by the horse.  It needs to be broken again.  We have to quit riding for now and will have to work on the “ground work” for now.  (Just for the record-I told Arlis to lunge it for a few days/weeks first)

It looks much worse now and I have to be mean to make him stay in bed.  He’s not good at taking care of himself, just complaining.  The beets are doing better than in the spring, I think I may grow them in the fall only next year.  The peas aren’t doing so well, I think they need to be spring only next year.  The japanese beetles have done so much damage that I sprayed the runner beans with Sevin just to save enough for seeds for next year.  At this rate, I will be lucky to have that.  Merlin keeps coming over.  He’s a she and wants me to mate with her.  It’s disturbing, especially when your husband thinks it’s funny to grab you and quack.


Here is a video of Merlin landing.  He does so every morning now and leaves every night too.