We were finally able to do something.  My seeds came yesterday, and I was able to plant what I needed to in trays.  They live in the kitchen/TV room now.  And we thought we were cramped before!  HA!  Looks like the spring crop is out as I won’t be able to plant them soon enough and it was too wet to anyway, they would have drowned.  I’ll keep them for fall….

day zero

We bought block yesterday and have begun the floor!  Arlis built a lot of walls during the rain and snow in the workshop/shed while we waited for weather to cooperate.  It may not be raining today, but the mist is awful and cold!  Our house is sooooo much warmer than the one in Knoxville.  I don’t know if it’s the wood stove, the carpet (we had hard wood in Knoxville) or what.

prebuilt walls