I write this the first of October.  The change of season demanded a change in habits.  The change in habit made it difficult to do this.  I started a new exercise routine, and coming from the first of Oct, I can say the routine was worth it all.  It takes at least an hour of my day away, and often close to two, especially with set-up, clean-up, shower, and recouping afterwards.  It’s very rigorous and extremely demanding.  I originally planned to do it every winter.  It’s not a permanent type of thing, just a few weeks/months and then gentle routine in between, like boot camp.

So, with all my spare time taken up with that, school started.  Homeschool that is.  It’s going far more smoothly this year than last.  I’m starting to be able to tell the difference between I can’t and I won’t and am adapting to his learning style better.  I am gaining more patience, and realizing that it’s not about the teaching, it’s about him knowing what he needs to know in the end.  I have a much better understanding as to why the public school system is failing so much, and am not the least bit pleased with some of the materials we are using this year.  That being said.  It’s August.  What happened in Aug?

The garden is done.  I harvest a few straggling melons, cantaloupes, tomatoes (I canned almost everyday for a while it seemed), froze what I could for winter-including some eggs.  I used an ice tray to freeze the eggs and didn’t clean it immediately.  It got tossed.  I’ll try another method next time.  We don’t go crazy for chicken and eggs.  We’re dairy people.  So a loss of egg production in the winter is not a biggie, but I thought I would save some just to be safe.

Talking about chickens.  The chickens got sick.  One showed signs of wood worm.  That’s a type of wild roach that lives in the woods.  It lives in the eye and lays eggs that fall through the sinus.  It eventually kills the bird…usually.  Most of the new chickens are growing to where we can see the culling that must be done soon.  We lost the bantam to the marans rooster we haven’t eaten yet.  He broke her neck mating her.  We lost the one with the worm in it’s eye.  We had to use anti-biotics for a while and were without eggs and meat for a few weeks because of that.  We lost another marans for reasons we don’t know. We think the raccoon is gone and have heard hunting parties for several nights in a row now.  We saw feathers to the point that someone must have lost a chicken at the mailbox one day, and another pile near there more recently.  We have heard a new rooster nearby.  We are no longer the only ones with poultry.

That’s all I can really remember.  With the loss of gardening responsibilities, and school starting, and the new exercise regime, I admit I have neglected some and just enjoyed vegging when possible.