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January 2011

Dead Calves and Biiiiiiiig Kitties

The little meat calf died. No reason, just fell over dead. He was fine one morning, and by late afternoon he wouldn’t get up. A few hours later, he was dead. I think it was inevitable, however, we are quite scared for our other cattle and contagions. But in all honesty, what can you do?

That being said, we drug him out of the barn, shoveled out the barn, and come daylight we buried the calf. Now, bear in mind he was frozen, so it would not have attracted animals. (He did smell though) Arlis put the gloves he used with the calf just to be safe.

A day or so later, we go out to chop wood. We found prints. Kitty prints….BIIIIIG kitty prints. We quickly went back in and got guns (and the camera) in case the big kitty came back. Below are several pictures. We never saw it, and are hoping it was after the buried calf, not the fresh cattle. Cougars/mountain lions (they are synonymous) will eat cows. The prints melted by the time we got back (it was a lot warmer), but trust me…that’s what they are.





Pictures, pictures, pictures-scroll down for the pictures

Let’s face it.  You want pictures.  Reading my wonderful whit and intellect just doesn’t cut it anymore hee hee

So… are some pics of this winter so far.  I’ll just describe them all now, not individually.  Baby has grown to be as tall as the Dexters now.  The meat calf is the tiny thing in the back of the barn with a star on it’s face.  These were taken this morning, and it’s still snowing.  The icicles are actually from last week.  The wind blew them slanted.  That was when my dad was here, which is who we caught getting up early and staying up late to play Gran Turismo.  On a chatty note…We also went to Walmart last night where I found JEANS THAT COME TO YOUR WAIST!!!!  Hallelujah!  They were $20, but I really don’t care.  I’m tired of pushing my underwear down and looking fatter and fatter with a smaller and smaller rear end.  We had to put the truck in four wheel drive to get to the highway, two wheel to get to town and back, and then four wheel to get back home.  We estimate we’ll be snowed in for a week.  It’s not that bad here-just our road.  Walmart’s bread aisle was ravaged!  Arlis had to settle for a wheat variety (he hates wheat bread), and Marcus paid $30 for $.50 worth of plastic with Lego stamped on them (even though the Star Destroyer was marked down to $16!).  But he likes them.  The chickens won’t come out if it’s too white.  George comes out and surveys in the morning and goes back in with the report (of course, this morning they prove me wrong by coming out).  We’re still having to change out the water twice a day, and break the cow’s water.  Arlis still wants his grey chick to be a girl.  He calls it his “hen of the long tailed variety” (It’s Bouquet-not Bucket).  We bought them more, greener/better hay and set it out in the field for them.  They’re all back together now b/c of the cold, so they can have a barn.  They won’t leave the barn this morning to get the good hay in the lower field and are munching on the hay they don’t like-funny.     So, with no further adieu-I give you “Winter at the Burrow”…so far

Now that these pics have uploaded, the cows are eating the hay in the lower field, the dog is laying in front of the stove, and we had to mix feed this morning.  I didn’t want Marcus to have to go out in this, so I fed the chickens for him this morning.  Good thing I did as they were out of feed.  We had bought soy meal to mix with whole corn to save money.  To get 16% protein (layer pellets) we mix a scant 7.5 lbs to 25 pounds corn (or 15 to 50).  It’s about equivalent to layer pellets, but it’s different.  The point is, I like to have options.  This way, we can know which is cheaper when.  Of course, they don’t get vitamins and minerals this way, we’ll have to add those in later.  But many people told us they never fed theirs anything but corn…EVER!  Time will tell.

Enjoy this as I am just NOW getting to eat breakfast.  I’m letting Marcus sleep in and start school late (snow day-hee hee)  At least I got caught up and burned off all my old pics and cleaned out the HD.  It only took me…4 years?


Short and Sweet

I know, I need a new post, well, not much new here.  The rain has made a foot deep ditch in the garden and the driveway.  We got a new little bull calf and steered it.  Arlis messed up doing it.  I will say that after doing it-we used the ban method-I don’t feel so bad for them anymore AT ALL!!  He just laid down, kind of jumped when the band snapped on, and then kept laying there.  I’ve seen cows go more crazy over a few flies-I am VERY serious!  When it was done, he just laid there.  We got him up, and he walked off like nothing happened and went to mowing the lawn again.  He’s teeny tiny and I don’t have a picture yet, but you’re not missing anything.

We separated the cattle.  Fargo and Betsy are in the lower field with Baby, Booger and the new meat steer in the upper field.  Fargo was getting waaaay too interested in Baby for her age, and Betsy is still nursing Booger.  Betsy is fine with the separation, but Booger has gotten even worse-do you know she charged me?  Twice!  That did not set well with me.  Baby has adopted the meat steer and protects it from Booger’s rampages, licking it and being all sorts of nice.

The gray chick (from the first batch of two) is definitely a boy, and the new batch is doing VERY well.  Come spring, we’ll eat the two roosters.  I don’t think we’ll get enough selling them, and it’s too cold to slaughter them now.

We’ve had some of Presley.  It is a new experience.  First off, the ground beef has gristle.  Well, we’re used to ground chuck.  We didn’t buy ground beef because of all it’s gristle.  I will also say that it has NO water/fat.  I mean, seriously, we don’t even drain it, and I am the type to use a paper towel to get every last drop out of the skillet.  We also ate some of the steaks-deeeeLISH!  I have discovered how to cook T-bone.  Leave cast iron skillet in the oven on broil for 10 minutes.  Put steak in for 3 minutes on each side.  Then, put oven on 500 and cook steak (on broiling pan) for 6-8 minutes (we like them well).  It was wonderful.  We also marinated for hours in the fridge with oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and herbs.  Rub it in GOOD!

No pics this time, but I will soon!


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