The little meat calf died. No reason, just fell over dead. He was fine one morning, and by late afternoon he wouldn’t get up. A few hours later, he was dead. I think it was inevitable, however, we are quite scared for our other cattle and contagions. But in all honesty, what can you do?

That being said, we drug him out of the barn, shoveled out the barn, and come daylight we buried the calf. Now, bear in mind he was frozen, so it would not have attracted animals. (He did smell though) Arlis put the gloves he used with the calf just to be safe.

A day or so later, we go out to chop wood. We found prints. Kitty prints….BIIIIIG kitty prints. We quickly went back in and got guns (and the camera) in case the big kitty came back. Below are several pictures. We never saw it, and are hoping it was after the buried calf, not the fresh cattle. Cougars/mountain lions (they are synonymous) will eat cows. The prints melted by the time we got back (it was a lot warmer), but trust me…that’s what they are.