We have eggs….lots and lots of eggs….  I’m not an egg person, but I eat what I have, and we have managed to reduce our grocery bill 30%.  That being said, here are some examples:


Frittata.  We’re not fans of the queesh thing.  (I really need to learn to spell that)  I found something called “frittata” on a cooking show.  Basically it’s queesh without the crust.  The crust was the nasty part for us, so we tried it.  We now eat frittata about once a week.  When the eggs pile up.  I experiment.  Below I added 2 big spoonfuls of self-rising flour:



Now, it had a hard top like when you brush something with egg white, but it was good.  It needs to be thicker though-which is great as that uses more eggs, and I needed to add something to it…something with fillingness.  The cheese alone just wasn’t enough.


So then, we try yogurt.  After “mastering” butter-snicker, I go on to try yogurt.  There was much swallowing of the vomit.  After leaving the raw milk out a few days, I finally poured off the liquid on top and found coagulated “yogurt” underneath.  It was beyond nasty, but Arlis said it tasted just like yogurt to him.  I normally eat yogurt for health reasons, so, I think I’ll just stick with drinking the raw milk instead of making “yogurt” with it.  The milk itself normally makes me and everyone else around me very unhappy.  But the raw milk allowed me to drink it without dying from the smell, taste, and after effects.  Hopefully, it will help my digestive tract, and therefore my candida problem as well.


Leave it covered out for 2-3 days…

Skim that horrible vile disgusting “whey” from the top.

Pour it off to the left and you have “yogurt” on the right

I even added sugar and vanilla…it wasn’t pretty.  Now, we have a freezer full of Presley-what do you do with all that beef?  Living in Knoxville, we would periodically get a pizza, eat frozen foods, etc.  But our income has decreased, and the price of food has increased…so…we experiment and hope for the best.  Shepherd’s Pie is actually made of lamb and the second edition of Cottage Pie.  Cottage Pie is made with beef, and is below…yummy.  It’s pretty good really.

I have made my own pizza dough for years, now I think I finally found a way to make edible loaf bread and buns.  The really cool part is, I’m saving even more.  The yeast packets can cost $.72-$.84 each!  That’s like buying a loaf of bread!  So, save a handful of the dough in the fridge for 2-3 days, or the freezer for longer (after the first, but before the second rising).  Throw it in instead of the packet, and wait several hours instead of just a few minutes to 1-2 hours.  (There’s a reason the Israelites were told not to eat yeast)  This is the way it was done centuries ago (yes, it’s really been that long), only they made bread every day, so storing it on the counter wasn’t that bad….hence much eating of the sour dough.  Don’t forget to save a handful for the next batch!  Below is my first attempt at hamburger buns.  It REALLY brought out the flavor of the cheese.  I think I may use water instead of milk, or half it with the milk and make them flatter and let them rise more so they’re more fluffy, but we’re getting there.

I hope you get as much pleasure cooking with what you have as I do.

Tah Tah