I HATE doing the dishes.  But once I’m started, I can’t stop.  I think I’m manic depressive.  The same way with cleaning the bathroom, weeding, planting, you name it.  I bought leeks today, and will plant them tomorrow I hope, along with the onion seeds, onion bulbs, beet, carrot, and cabbage seeds.  Arlis just came in from tilling for me.  IT WAS 70 DEGREES TODAY-YES YES YES!!  I still have my bedroom window open, and actually got warm today in the truck!  Now, that being said.  Butty is doing great, but Arlis’s little one died.  He refused to take a bottle and was just too young to wean himself.  He drank a sip or two from a bucket.  We wound up tube feeding him the milk.  He had enough strength to fight us, so we thought we were OK.  He was dead the next morning.  Arlis was real upset.


On to the good news…

I have bought transplants and planted romaine, buttercrunch, and red lettuce.  We ate some of the leaves that fell off, and they had real flavor!

They look better now, much more healthy.  I got to use my compost for the first time and it’s made them real nice!


You can’t tell, but I have a lot of pea sprouts.  That means they made it!!  It was a lot of work, but here’s praying they do well!!


I feel far more confident than last year in what I am doing.  I actually feel like I know what I’m doing…a little sometimes anyway.


I also bought rosemary and oregano.  Last year’s oregano and rosemary were transplanted at the end of the season.  They didn’t like that.  So they have permanent homes in the flower bed by the house now.  I learned that oregano can survive the winters here-YES YES YES!!  It costs the same as one bottle of herbs for one plant. If I don’t have to buy every year-it will REALLY be worth it!



They have been mulched and weeded today and look much better.  My tulips, hyacinth, and something else from last year are blooming next to them. We got to use the mulch we made ourselves from scrap!  A friend visited here yesterday.  She wants a farm really bad.  I hope she gets to do it!


Last note-Booger lost her cervical plug two days ago (a bunch of goo came out back there).  That means she should calve in two weeks!!  We really hope and pray it goes well!  They are supposed to take no more than 4 hours their first time, and usually about a half hour after that….OK ladies, altogether now-THANKS A LOT EVE!!!


I will post pics of the calf the SECOND she has it!