There was a lady who was moving and had one wether left (a castrated ram) for $60.  That’s CHEAP!  He’s less than a year and good and fat.  Marcus named him Shaun:


He’s so cute, and he hops when he runs.  I tried to get it on film and couldn’t…failure #6…He’s a haired variety.  The wooled variety are $200-$400 each!!  Haired variety have wool, just not as much, and selective breeding has given us woolen varieties.  Sheep started out like Shaun here.

Baby has been scratching her winter coat off.

My haystack has grown mushrooms

OH!  Our wired housephone died, so we bought the cheapest one at the store-a white slim-line telephone with automatic redial-ha ha ha (we watch Keeping Up Appearances)


Update on the garden:




Beets, cabbage, onion from seed aren’t anything to see really

Peas and lettuce


Poor Fargo and Beefsteak are not happy.  We’ve been keeping them separated from the mother’s to be

And last but not least, we’ve been training Baby some