Well, we gave up on getting calves.  Oh they’re pregnant.  Booger looks like a barrel on lego blocks.  It’s quite amusing, and I wish I had a good picture for you, but every time I go to get a specific picture, I never can, and it’s too cold to try to today.  The really cool part is Booger’s calf kicked Arlis last night.  He was hugging her (I’ll never really know why), and it kicked!  So that’s nice.


It’s snowing in the picture, that’s from this morning.  The snow is now quite large and fluffy.  And starting to lay on the automobiles, etc….   ….


ANYWAY…we have had a ridiculous amount of junk.  I inherit my grandmother’s house.  It was used as a walk-in closet for my mother and aunt.  My mom dies shortly after and never goes through it all.  We move here and take it all with us b/c it has to go somewhere.  We have been going through it ever since.  Here is my kitchen during some of the peak stages.

And here is the shelf in the shed of all the stuff to get rid of.  Notice the “Get Rid of” on the sides.

We also got rid of a washer and a dryer, a mitre saw, and I honestly don’t know what else.  Here we are at the flea market trying to get rid of it all.  I had one table with priced items (it’s the one you see) and the other tables with “stuff-a-bag for $5) items.  I figured it would vanish for that…it didn’t.  I’ll wait until summer and try again.

So, that’s failures 1 and 2, now for #3. For those not in the know, I make soap from scratch.  Well, a wood stove this time allowed for me to make lye from wood ash.  Here is attempt #1

Which actually worked better than attempt #2 where I drilled holes in the bottom of one end of the plastic tub, filled it with ash, and let it drip in the bucket.

The wood is for wind protection.  The kennel is for leveling.  I got nothing.  I’m going to try again with fresh ashes and lots and lots of water.  This started b/c of failure #4.  I used a washboard in the tub to wash some clothes, and thought it was so wonderful, I started washing laundry that way.  It took forever, was very tiring, and (thankfully) actually turned out not as good as I thought.  The machine was actually getting them cleaner.  But at least I have an alternative if I need it, and I know my soap works well on clothes, not just people, and I can get out spots this way.


Now, on to failure #5.  We were starting to get worried, b/c the weather was getting too nice too quick, so we made sure we got all our cold stuff in the ground.  You know, beets, onions, potatoes…  Well, here’s 50 pounds of kennebec, and 50 pounds of red pontiac in19 rows for you.  All in one day!  We used the potato plow to make valleys, and planted in the rows.  That made it quicker.  However, my finger is permanently stained from all the cutting…sigh

Beautiful isn’t it?  We knew it was going to rain, just not torrentially…AGAIN…

See the potatoes floating out of the garden below???  We’ll fix them like we did our peas I guess.  As soon as it STOPS RAINING OR SNOWING OR HAILING OR SLEETING OR ICING OR……

Please visit my next posts for updates of a positive note…