It’s that time.  I hoed the garden for the first time this year.  Short but I am definitely out of shape.  The stove gets turned into furniture again, and it’s time to start wearing my sun hat (with an added decoration from George)

My banana tree is finally delivered

And given a home

If you’ll recall, last year’s banana tree got eaten by Priscilla.  It never grew much, and it was quite different than this year’s

As you can see, last year’s was pretty pathetic.  I have higher hopes for this year’s.

Other things of change:  Marcus wears less than two layers

It’s time to weed the blasted strawberries again (our freezer ran out recently anyway)

And my flowers from our blessed predecessor bloom

The tulips that I planted are beginning to do well (I mulch around every new one that pops up)

And we have already begun harvesting.  Cats (he sleeps in that thing and lets Marcus carry him around)

And herbs (rosemary, oregano, and parsley do just fine in the freezing spring weather outside)


I was able to purchase my basil today.  I had forgotten all about it and already stored my potting supplies in the shed…sigh.  Off to work!