We went to the hatchery in Carthage today.  Never again.  This is a long story, but I will try to shorten it immensely.  I wanted a chicken that would brood her own chicks.  I finally decided to get what I always wanted, a Golden Laced Wyandotte.  I found a hatchery that advertised a great place




Unfortunately, they charge high prices, but do not have high standards.  The prices we were told went up at the “register”.  We decided against the ducks since they said they were 8 weeks old but looked 2 days old, and more than doubled the price at the “register”.  But, here are some of the pics from the hatchery.  I am assuming they keep the ones they can’t sell as pets or something.



The brooder and breeding pens were not photographed.  They weren’t cruel or horrible, but let’s just say I trust my first impression of people more and more these days.

We went ahead and got our 4 chicks because that breed is hard to come by and expensive.

So, Arlis’s brother told us Tractor Supply had ducks, and Arlis really wanted some (I did say I would never raise ducks again, didn’t I?), so we got two there (they only had Pekin, no Mallards.  And I really wanted Mallards), and saw bantam chicks. Bantam chicks are insanely small.  They are the size of a cotton ball-seriously.  We got 6 Bantams, straight run.  You can’t sex ducks, and the Bantams weren’t obviously.


Here are the ducklings at home



The two big yellow things are ducks, the 4 medium sized striped things are Wyandottes, and the 2 tiny striped, one grey, one white, one brownish, and one charcoal are the bantams.  The marbles help keep the ducks from turning their brooder into a swimming pool.  Since this, we have raised the feed and water onto a board to help minimize spillage.