While still waiting for calves that are never coming, we got the rain that never ended.  Although we were watched over-the little dots moved around us nicely, but not on us-our garden appears destroyed.  The peas have been bitten off a little ways up-like a cutworm, but too high, and the buttercrunch has been falling over dead.  I’m wondering if the cat is claiming the buttercrunch for his personal sand box.

I give you-decimation:

 You can still see some of the mounds that hopefully still contain some melon seed.  That is also where we planted popcorn that may have all washed away.
 Here is field corn and more melons.  I found some shells where the crows ate what floated to the top of the soil.  I poked down whatever I could.
Anger, sadness, and despair surround us, but we look for what we can salvage and be positive about what we can.  I’m thinking-less weeding.  But I was really looking forward to producing more of our own this year.

It’s raining more today-yippee.  Boy has claimed his housing:

But there is hope among the awful.  Amidst the broken peas of sorrow-there is a bloom!  GO PEAS!!!

 You can see more blooms not yet blossomed below:

And, I always hoped, but deep down knew it not to be…  You know that gorgeous flower that was priced wrong that I bought last year?  Yeah, it pretty much died the second it got in the ground-well here it is, growing up amidst the dead stalks of last year!  That makes me all excited and stuff-warm fuzzies for everyone!

Lastly, guess what we get to eat with our lamb chops tonight.  This will be our 3rd or 4th cutting of the same plants already.  Leaf lettuce is so awesome!  Just cut the outer leaves only when it’s big enough, and it keeps on going!  Romaine, red, and buttercrunch with a homemade vinaigrette…smack, smack.