We needed a family vacation.  We can’t afford a family vacation (I’m still using my allowance to pay for my medical bills from last year).  But was CAN afford a field trip.  I love homeschooling.  We went to the Lost Sea today:


It was a beautiful day.  My irises were blooming.

The cows were very curious.

We passed Watts Bar lake/dam/whatever it is.

There were roses.

He’s so much happier with me

I tried to only include the good ones.  If they’re blurry, it’s b/c it was on night vision and my heart beat. (I THINK you can click on the pics to get a bigger one-we’re looking into a new camera)

Wow!  Are my clothes baggy!











If you’re able to get a bigger pic, look at the one below.  The fish at the bottom is sticking up to say hello.  They’re all rainbow trout.

Feeding time-they splashed me and I smelled the rest of the day.


On the way back through Pikeville, we said a prayer for the tornado victims we passed.




Now for some oddities.  On the way there, we noticed a train track…that had grown over a bit…



Yeah, I know it’s blurry, but you see those….WHAT…TREES!!!

Yep boys and girls, that would be trees growing through the tracks…I don’t think they’re used any more…

So we came home broke and exhausted to find…sprouted corn!  YAY!!!   Wait a minute…THOSE STUPID CROWS ATE EVERY BIT OF MY CORN-ARLIS!!!  The scare crow was put in place, every sprout we could was put in the mud, yes mud-it rained…again…  I froze to death and ruined my running/walking shoes as I sank literally 6-12 inches in the garden trying to salvage my hard work of beans and corn and planning some torturous demise for crows in the morning.  I came inside, yelled at everyone who talked to me because the strawberries were still frozen (I found some in the freezer that need to be eaten as new ones are coming in).  SOOOO…  I left the blender plugged in and waited by drinking a hot cup of tea, eating something I shouldn’t, and writing this.  I wonder if they’ve thawed yet…