For my mother’s day, my husband helped me:

Plant replacement zucchini (on the right)

 Plant sweet potatoes (in the middle)  I’ve never seen s. potatoes transplants for sale b4..

 And a whole bunch of tomatoes.  We bought some that were over two feet tall with tomatoes on them already for $2.50 each!  Wow!  They say they produce until the first frost…we’ll see.  We got to utilize almost all of those cages we got from the woman that sold us Shaun.

 And Marcus spent his money on a little petunia.  It replaced the Impatiens he (actually his teacher) got me in Kindergarten that died recently.  This is prettier anyway.

We found our corn.  It traveled a good ways and sprouted here.  We’re replanting ASAP.

 Above-she’s trying to travel via tunnels all over the globe.
Below-that day’s harvest.  (Yesterday we had almost twice that amount.  It gets bigger every day until the end)

 Once the berries are capped, put in containers, placed in the freezer, and logged in the freezer log, the scraps are given to really grateful chickens.  That’s always the fun part!