Our little calf-still without a name-has really pulled through.  He was knuckling, and after two days is walking and jumping and loping on all four hooves.  We have watched him nurse on his own while his mother walked away (it was cute) and he kept trying to suckle.  He has filled out in the back area (a good sign he is getting enough to eat).  In fact, Booger was so swollen today, Arlis milked a whole glassful out of one teat alone before she walked away!  It tasted like melted butter-yuck!  It’s separating in the fridge for butter and skim milk:)  Supposedly, the higher fat content comes at the end, and he didn’t finish that teat!  That would be awesome milk for cheese and butter and cream and….!

He has also passed yellow poo with a tinge of blood.  That is still normal, and means he is getting his colostrum.  We think he weighs in around 30 pounds.