Thought I would update the garden.  As usual, these are all a bit out of date.  They SAY they were taken on the 30th, but I’m not sure they’re that recent.  If so, it’s been even busier than I thought!

Our crow deterrent.  It worked rather well.  It’s down now as the corn is tall enough they are no longer interested in it.  We have just enough time in the year, in fact, to plant another bit of corn, so the net will be placed in a new location with more corn.

My peas were REALLY good this year, but the trellis needed to be better, and it has gotten too hot for them.  The peas are dying off now, so I have forgone any harvesting in order to utilize the rest for seed by letting them dry on the plant.

 Marcus just isn’t very good at some things, so I have given him the chore of weeding my flower beds since I just can’t do it anymore-not enough time.  I think he’s doing really well so far, don’t you?

 One day’s harvest of potato beetles.  Potato beetles are not only resilient to Sevin now, but I also discovered that Sevin is banned in every major country but the US, AND it caused thousands to die in the factory it has in a third world country overseas.  Hmmm…

 The koles are doing very well.

 Red cabbage

 Regular cabbage


 Romaine-the lettuces really went wild recently.  We have stopped the outer leaf harvesting and are pulling up entire plants as they are going to seed.  I’m leaving one or two to use for seed for next year.

 Red lettuce

 Red romaine

 I have zucchini growing now-won’t be long!

The dying peas

 The onions are going to seed.  The onions I grew from seed this year are doing so well, that I will save some seed from these for next year.

 If you’re really good, you can see my onions here.  These are the ones from seed.  Suffice it to say, I am the only one able to weed the carrots and onions without pulling up actual plants.


 The cabbage we grew from seed.  Don’t appear to have much difference between these and the transplants!

 Left to right-beets, beets(different kind) carrots.  Again, you can see why I’m the only weeder of the carrots

 Pole beans and melons

 Potatoes, lots and lots of potatoes.  It takes me 3-4 hours to bug these.

 Some of the corn that made it

 Our tomatoes are doing well