We’re on our way to a well deserved movie last night.  For those of you living nearby, you know the torrential downpours we have had.  For those of you not from around here, just imagine rain, buckets and all, falling from the sky.  This is after Knoxville has already received enough damage to cause over 100k people to lose power, and several places to flood, drowning a few people.  Thankfully we live high enough not to flood (1880 feet above sea level), but runoff is a problem.

So, I go out to put the chickens up a little early.  Marcus meets me and we run to the back porch.  It’s just raining a bit, and we have quite a few trees in the back yard and chicken run, so I’m barely wet at all at this point.  I reach for the door-my husband has already locked the house up.  He was going to put the calf up for the night so we could milk his momma in the morning, but I saw both calves running around in the field.  I knocked-loudly (we have a metal roof)-for several minutes.  I give up and sacrifice myself by running to the front porch to see if the door is locked.  Well, of course it is.  This 30 yard sprint halfway under trees has already drenched me.  The car is up at the barn.  Arlis must have driven it to get the calf.  I run to the van.  The 10 feet sprint left me so wet that I am dripping and my underwear is soaked-through thick jeans.  I crack the door and scream for Marcus to come to the van.  He runs to the front porch.  I beep and beep.  He finally catches on and gets in the van.

Now, why didn’t we just stay under the porch?  Well, the front porch doesn’t offer a great deal of protection.  And the back porch was starting to get wet as well.  The back porch goes about 15 feet square, so you can imagine the rain at this point.  The wind is also blowing, and the nuts are falling off the trees.  We were getting chilly.  Marcus gets in and we dry off with a used grease towel I find in the van floor.  It wasn’t in bad condition.  He then asks, “Why are we in the van?”

“BECAUSE YOUR STUPID FATHER LOCKED US OUT OF THE HOUSE AND STOLE THE CAR!!”  (for those of you concerned-I did not actually say this, no matter how much I wanted to)

Arlis pulls up.  He lets us in and we strip down, underwear and all, and dry off with towels.  We had to hang our clothes on the back porch to keep from ruining the floor.

There was no movie.

We did watch How to Train a Dragon which was far better than I expected.  I now want a stuffed Toothless.  He was too cute!