It’s another change of season, and time to recap from the past.  It always helps when you see the fruits of your labors. 

We harvested:

a bunch of salads.

over 44 pounds of tomatoes

11 zucchini
some raspberries
over 7 pounds of carrots

a few pounds of beets

about 120 pounds of potatoes

25 pounds of cabbage

15 pounds of onions

36 pints of green beans
5 pounds leeks
25 ears of corn

8 pounds of sweet potatoes (has anyone ever noticed how absolutely nasty sweet potatoes look?)

And, I honestly didn’t count the melons, cantaloupes, etc.

The garden gets taken down

Mown and fertilized (the coop and barn get a good clean out)  Fertilizing with fresh manure now will allow weather to work it into the soil.  The chickens will route in it, spreading it out, and the rain will wash it in.  We do not plow now as we need the grass for erosion prevention.  Weeds are also vital to a healthy garden, as they bring up minerals and nutrients that are only found deep in the soil.  Regular gardening plants can’t do this.  Leaving a garden to run amuck when it is through can be helpful to the health of your soil.

The first frost comes, and the first fire is lit.

Thank you my God for all You have bestowed upon us this year.  Thank you that we are able to work for it ourselves.  Thank you for this time of rest and joy.