I had an interesting day today.  A relative gave us just enough Dollywood tickets, so we took Marcus today.  Arlis and I complain about Dollywood, for several reasons.  One is that it costs just as much as Disney World and is far less in quality.  But I decided not to blog about that.

Then I thought I would blog about my short journey to get food at DW only to see there are no healthy weighted people anymore, children acting like rabid monkeys are no longer an embarrassment to their parents, and parents with $2000 cameras will force their child to pose most uncomfortably in the hopes of capturing that “perfect” shot.  Not to mention that my food wound up being molded and I had a hard time returning it.  But I won’t blog about that.

Nor will I blog about our adventure on the Blazing Fury where I acted the fool screaming, “It’s Thomas!  He’s gone maaaaad!!” and then Marcus jumped on the tracks to cross them when we got off and made me more mortified as everyone, including us, was terrified he got electrocuted.  Not a scratch.

I also won’t blog about our last visit to my in-laws where I learned my sister-in-law is attending a “coupon class”.  Not only did it startle me that it exists, but I was showered with coupons and information I don’t think I will ever understand about spending and saving and combining and sales.  I looked like the husband sitting there with a bewildered look upon my face while the wife tried to explain something simple to her, impossible to me.

I think I was actually going to blog about us being food snobs.  We would never be rude or complain to the cook/servers…but…I still feel awful knowing for a fact I am a snob about something.  We want a nice night out, to go out to eat or something.  Well…we just don’t want to.  We grow our own beef, chicken, and lamb and trust me, the thought of eating grocery store meat is nauseating.  Dine out isn’t much better.  I always try to get the fish or salad or something new or hard to make or something like that.  My husband actually says (he’s a steak man btw), “No, not there.  All they have is steak.”  Dine out steak just doesn’t make the cut any more.  Produce is pretty good though.  We wound up eating at BK and then getting shakes at Arby’s.  We spent $20.  It’s been so long since we’ve eaten fast food, we now know to just go to a restaurant or buy a pizza.  It’s probably less toxic and costs the same.  Fyi, I would much rather mix Nestle into Booger’s milk than drink another shake any day.  There is just no comparison.