(All pics are thumbnails that you can click on for the full size.)
My dog really likes melons…that’s weird.

My dog likes to ride Booger-that’s even weirder.

My ex-pet bantam rooster liked to say howdy through the window.

Daphne (female duck) is presently molting.  Poor thing.

My pet spider

WHY does someone like me have a pet spider???  Well, I learned from a nice young lady that these spiders are nice to have around.  (This one resides next to my kitchen sink)
And eats bugs

(There really is a dead insect in there)
But the funny thing is, this spider is not maintenance free.  I didn’t know this, but spiders poop.  And I have to clean his poop almost every day.

My pet cow loves a good horn scratching.

And my turkeys are just asking to be eaten. (you think the bird poop on your car is bad?)

(I throw in this last one just b/c it’s pretty)