I have all these blogs from over the summer that I figured I put up once I got to a dry spell.  Here’s one.  We went crazy this year trying to keep the pool perfect.  Checked it at least once a week and added all the stuff you’re supposed to.  But the rain just killed it.  Finally, I noticed some eggs on the surface.

 At first I started skimming them off.  Then I asked myself-“What am I doing???”  Frogs are great insect catchers, and we have tons of frogs, and little mosquitoes….tons of flies but…
So I let them live.

 And they started hatching.

 And hatching…

 And hatching!!!

 And growing…they started getting little back legs.

 And then front legs…

 And perching in places.

 And trying to get out.

 And floating on sticks.

 And having parties.