Remember that earlier sentence?  Here’s where it comes in.  In all that time, I have never ONCE had someone on stage grab me and move me to where they wanted me, or push me aside and go around me….until now.  At this point it’s laughable, so here are some examples:

We (a small click of girls that have at least minimal stage experience) are constantly avoiding arms pointed under our noses, other nuns informing us where we need to be instead of where we are, and flat out being told what to do by other cast members.  You can’t talk sense into them either.

For example, scarf-headed woman yells at a little girl for cutting line at the sign in sheet.  Then she cuts line herself (she also only sings one note…in bass).  Coffee woman talks the whole time the director is giving direction while holding a huge Java-ON STAGE, and then tells others where to go and what to do by pressing said java into your back.  These instructions are more often wrong than not.  She also refuses to listen to anyone else’s info, even when it’s exactly what the director already said.  Viking chick randomly picks people out and tells them what she thinks they need to do, but she is easily ignored.

So far, it’s been horrible, but appears to be calming down some to almost tolerable.  Coffee lady is the worst (for me) as she is one of those soccer moms that gets all up involved with things and buddies up to the coach (director).  I can only hope she’s not around for future auditions/plays and that I am.  She seems to be there for her kids. However, last night, an occurrence did take place that I hope helps.  There was a very light couch on set.  Katy (the stage manager) had her hands full and needed help to carry it off stage.  So, with candle in hand, I use my other hand to pick up my end and carry it backstage.  As I walked back I heard from many nuns “Did she just carry that couch with one hand?!”

Maybe they’ll leave me alone now.