We just ate our first harvest.  We collected seeds from the lettuce we grew last year and planted it in the garden this year.

 From transplants

 And in the freezer-turned raised flat

 A month or so later, we have salad!!  Red romaine, regular romaine, red leaf, and butter crunch.  Yum!

 So then, on our way to remove a previously stuck chainsaw from the tree in the woods, we notice…strawberries!

Early this year…
We haven’t kept up with the weeds this year (not that we ever kept them where we should have)
This is clover, which here, is a weed.  That bend is my knee.  The clover can get over 2 feet tall and HUGE!

 Here is about half or less of our strawberry field.

Today’s pick

 We pick every day for about 2 hours when they really come in, and weed a good bit as well.  This lasts for about a month.  We get so many, we drink smoothies, make toppings, and lots and lots of fruit leather.

 With our dehydrator.

 Just add a good quart of capped and cleaned berries to the blender with a 2-3 spoons of sugar.  Blend and pour onto the fruit leather tray of the dehydrator (which looks dirtier than it really is).  First harvest is always a good day of celebration!