I was at work doing the morning shift of 5am-2pm.  At first break, I called Arlis and he started getting worried b/c Fargo was really acting up.  Next thing I know he sees a black/white heifer in the neighbor’s field.  (The one you see down there)

 This field doesn’t have cattle, or at least hadn’t in the past, so he was concerned about it.  And then I hear unpolite words from my husband’s mouth, as he watches said heifer break through our fence and start grazing in the garden.  We hang up and I call back later.
She broke through here

Then she made her way over to the garden.  Arlis got her into cattle alley…where she broke out again.  He finally got her back into cattle alley, and into the upper field, and into the barn.  I have no idea how.  I was at work, and he’s much better with cows than I am.

After my tour of the repaired damage, I went to see yon heifer.  On my way over to see her, I found Boy’s latest toy.  It’s a mole…good Boy!

And I notice the ducks could really care less about it all.

And then I see the big girl.  She’s actually very sweet.
After a day in the barn to calm her down a bit, we shut the gate to the drive, and decided to let her loose in the upper field.  The other cows were already brought up there.

And Fargo was having a chat with Horns over who’s boss around here.  Horns has to be kept separated until all girls are known to be bred, or he goes to beef-whichever comes first.

We let her go, where she immediately found what she wanted.

And so did Fargo.  That’s his…come hither moo.

Why hello there!

Is that…Ode de heifer?


Well, you can guess what happens next…

Oh look a mimosa tree to be!

That has a flower beyond cool with neon colors.

All the other girls are getting along.

Can I go back in the barn?  Nope-we have to keep her for 90 days.  After that, if no one claims her, we’re selling her.  I named her Baldy.

UPDATE!!  A neighbor that was out of town when the cops asked around came by a few days later and claimed her.  He described everything perfectly, and even gave us some hay for keeping her safe.  She’s back home now, at least until she breaks out again 🙂