As you know, Delta went broody, and we put some neighbor eggs under her (see last post).  Well, it’s been the 21 days and here they are!

It’s that time of year.  The banana tree had a baby, and I transplanted it to a new pot (isn’t it cute?).  It’s the small one on the bottom.  It’s mother is now in a bigger red pot-oh happy day!

 So, the time of the chicken’s babies was upon us as well.  The guineas we all about and ON the coop, as usual (one is now missing.  We’re hoping it’s a hen that has also gone broody…somewhere)

 Oh Miss Delta…how are you this morning?  We opened her up…and…

 One cute little chick.  That’s all we needed or wanted and are very happy.

 Boy and Knight are now kept in the house when the chickens are let loose so as to keep the chicks alive.  Well, these two are happy at least :).

 So, we go back and check later that day.  One chick.

 Two chicks.

 Three chicks (the third’s beak is to the left of the middle one)


 Mommy and chicks are eating now and appear healthy!  She’s pushed the broken shells out as well so whew!  Another normal event!