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December 2012

Electric Garden

So, we have this problem with the hay area in the winter.  As you can see-it gets really nasty and ruins potential grazing pasture.  It also makes it harder on their feet, making it more prone to cause problems like disease, etc.

 Oh fine Pepper-say “Moo!”

 So, Arlis set up this really cool fence.  And this cold morning

I decided to blog this lovely idea of his.

Notice anything strange?  Go on, look again…  We put up a temporary electric fence.  Oddly, regular fencing is not tax exempt, but this is, something about property value increase with the permanent fencing.  It’s solar powered.

And butted to the neighbor’s fence.

The back gate is left open for free access to it.  The mommas were using it as a playpen for the calves this morning, and the sheep soon joined in.

Paprika lays around chewing the cud.

Lightning digs for more.

And Thunder doesn’t seem to mind the electrical current.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he enjoys it.

The rest of this year’s hay will go into this area, and it will be used as a feed lot.  The fertilization of next year’s garden has already begun.  Here’s hoping for another idea to be great in the long run!


Bragging rights

We have run out of land.  We have a registered Dexter breeder that we buy excess bulls from in order to keep customers for beef.  They recently delivered three.  I have changed their names to John.  I was SO PROUD of this e-mail that I had to share.  I have changed NOTHING but her husband’s name.

John and I were BLOWN AWAY this morning when we made hamburgers for breakfast.  John had 2 even.  That beef was by far the very best we have ever ever tasted.  I am in shock how great it was.  Unbelievable flavor and texture.   You obviously have the magic touch.  We have also been discussing what a great job you're doing there with your whole farm n We have had a lot of customers throw money and words at their farming goals but you are actually putting in the hard yards and making it work.  You are doing a great job Arliss.  Keep up the good work!!

We believe God has blessed us, and hope that is all it is, because if it is our land and we move, we will lose our great flavor, etc. If it is just that one calf...well you get the idea. We believe we are doing what God wants us to do. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is! Thank you my God for allowing us to serve You the way we believe You want us to. Please speak to us so that we may always do Your Will. 

Out there in front of everybody

I’ve been sick and uninspired, so I apologize for not writing in so long.  However, a friend of mine told me three stories that cracked me UP!  So, I thought I would share.  I have changed all names, etc.

So, a friend of mine, Betty, works at a local apparel store.  She was in charge of the fitting room one night when this man struts out in a G-string.  He’s pulling the sides up in order to enunciate his…item of interest.  Strutting up to Betty he says, “Do you have anything that will fit this?
Betty, “I’m sorry, we don’t carry peewee.”
He immediately turned and went back into the room slamming the door behind him.  Concerned for her job, she called management and told them that there may be a complaint against her.  She then told management why.
Manager, “Betty!”
Betty, “I’m sorry, but he had his thing all up in my face, and I’m not having that.”

So then, another day, a woman comes to the fitting room with a cart of clothes.  She appears….to have been smoking….not cigarettes….a lot.  So, Miss Betty informs her that you are only allowed four items of clothing in the room at once.  This lady picks one up and says, “One…”  She then proceeds to think hard and long.
Betty, “Two.”
Betty helps this…lady…to count out four items and lead her to a room to use.  A while passes and the customer walks out of the room…in a thong…just a thong…
Betty, “Excuse me ma’am, but you forgot your pants.”
Customer, “I want more clothes.”
Betty, “You need to want to put on some pants.”
Customer, “One…”
At this point Betty grabs several, not bothering to count, and throws them into the fitting room.  The lady follows suit and Betty calls management to report the situation.  The lady returned later dressed appropriately…well, appropriately for her anyway.

Now, for the last, and best story.  A couple came in late one night, and hung around the halter tops near the door.  She was not dressed appropriately to begin with, and he was swaying, so there were a few clues there.  She grabs a top or two and holds them up to herself.  Her friend reaches up and starts to slip one of her straps off of her shoulder.  KaWHAMO!  Out they come right there in front of everybody.  A family next to them throw their hands over their children’s eyes and run off in shock and terror.  Betty jerks up so unexpectedly that she whacks her head on a clothes rack.  She runs to the manager’s office slamming the door open and screams, “WE’VE GOT BOOBS!”
The manager, startled and confused, “What?”
Manager, “Um….”
Manager, “Are you sure?”

Enjoy your next clothes shopping spree :).  And please, behave yourself ;p!

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