We have run out of land.  We have a registered Dexter breeder that we buy excess bulls from in order to keep customers for beef.  They recently delivered three.  I have changed their names to John.  I was SO PROUD of this e-mail that I had to share.  I have changed NOTHING but her husband’s name.

John and I were BLOWN AWAY this morning when we made hamburgers for breakfast.  John had 2 even.  That beef was by far the very best we have ever ever tasted.  I am in shock how great it was.  Unbelievable flavor and texture.   You obviously have the magic touch.  We have also been discussing what a great job you're doing there with your whole farm n We have had a lot of customers throw money and words at their farming goals but you are actually putting in the hard yards and making it work.  You are doing a great job Arliss.  Keep up the good work!!

We believe God has blessed us, and hope that is all it is, because if it is our land and we move, we will lose our great flavor, etc. If it is just that one calf...well you get the idea. We believe we are doing what God wants us to do. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is! Thank you my God for allowing us to serve You the way we believe You want us to. Please speak to us so that we may always do Your Will.