So, we have this problem with the hay area in the winter.  As you can see-it gets really nasty and ruins potential grazing pasture.  It also makes it harder on their feet, making it more prone to cause problems like disease, etc.

 Oh fine Pepper-say “Moo!”

 So, Arlis set up this really cool fence.  And this cold morning

I decided to blog this lovely idea of his.

Notice anything strange?  Go on, look again…  We put up a temporary electric fence.  Oddly, regular fencing is not tax exempt, but this is, something about property value increase with the permanent fencing.  It’s solar powered.

And butted to the neighbor’s fence.

The back gate is left open for free access to it.  The mommas were using it as a playpen for the calves this morning, and the sheep soon joined in.

Paprika lays around chewing the cud.

Lightning digs for more.

And Thunder doesn’t seem to mind the electrical current.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he enjoys it.

The rest of this year’s hay will go into this area, and it will be used as a feed lot.  The fertilization of next year’s garden has already begun.  Here’s hoping for another idea to be great in the long run!