It was but 40 degrees outside, but the sun was shining.  And a few residents were bathing in its welcome warmth.

But that’s not what really got me to get the camera out.  I was hanging laundry when I heard an angry hen.

Li’l Hen was pacing the outside of the coop.  Sure enough, there was a line forming.  

Li’l Hen had already laid hers, now it was Silvia’s time.

And Speckles was waiting, impatiently I might add, for her turn.  So I went in, put my feet up, unpaused Downton Abbey, took a bite of my stale clearance cookie and a sip of tea.  It was then I heard the “I laid an egg!” cackle of Silvia.  Trust me, it is a loud, unmistakable cackle announcing to the world that a new egg is warm and tasty in a now unprotected nest.
So, knowing what I would find, I took the camera out to find…

 Li’l Hen scavenging cow pies, and…

Speckles taking her turn.  Over a dozen laying boxes and nests and they have to fight over this one.  Weird chickens.