As you may know, we went to a rodeo not too far back.  Now, I always thought many of the things done were cruel to animals, and in fact, many people are cruel to animals.  But many parents are cruel to their children, spouses to each other, and owners to pets.  This doesn’t mean all parentage, marriages, and pet ownerships should be abolished.  We do not sell animals to those wishing to use them for roping practice.

We went to the Lone Star rodeo.  They were real good to their animals.  There were one or two riders I was unhappy with, but I just didn’t photograph them.  To me, showing pictures of cruelty is just as wrong as doing it yourself, even if your agenda is to “educate” the public.  Everyone knows what it looks like and how to stop it by now, so stop pretending and acknowledge that you are only trying to shock everyone else and claim your 15 minutes.  Now-my spiel is over.

There was quite the crowd:

Everyone was waiting for it to start:

The “ringmaster’ did a real nice speech about America with a flag procession, and then the riders rode the ring.  I was touched b/c being of a non-traditional religion makes me realize just how lucky I am to be as safe as I am to practice it.

  This real pretty girl did a few stunts:

 I want you to notice something.  Below is a picture of roping calves.  They have been fitted with padding to protect them from rope burns.  Now, rodeo animals are very well taken care of.  It’s the idiots that misuse animals in the practicing at home that causes so many of the abused situations.  It is the contestant that smacks his horse or uses a harsh bit, not the industry itself.  In fact, the bulls were obviously very well cared for.  Once a rider was thrown (save one bull), the bull stopped and went away.  They are trained to throw off (not much required there) and then to leave the rider alone.  If I were to go out and get on Fargo right now (it’s been done) he would throw me off and then walk away.  It is not mean, it’s funny.  This rodeo was a good one.

I got to use my new camera that day.  Some of the pics are blurry b/c I used the high speed sequential setting which made it at 4-5MP, not 14.  The following pictures are just what I believe the best ones to be.

Yes, these two are out of order, sorry.