It is time to thank God for a few things.  I know I haven’t finished making this blog what it needs to be, but this needs to be said.  Our original plan called for me working for five years.  We quickly saw that time span reduced over and over, to what we soon believed to be two years.  Then several setbacks occurred, yet we were able to bounce back with amazing speed.  Thank you God.

(Arlis’s arm was one)


We have spent every year here fighting to get corn.  This year it rained until we lost most everything else, but we got corn!  Most miraculously, we have not lost a SINGLE ear to raccoon this year, and are going to be able to save some for seed (you have to let them dry on the stalk).  Thank you God.

tall corn

We lost a lot of chickens to at least two foxes: one grey, one red.  We were down to 21 birds.  We ate one duck, sold 4, took six to the fair.  We now have 14 chickens.  Thank you God.


I needed a new car.  One day there was the perfect car for the perfect price on the side of the road for sale.  Thank you God.


I have had to give up much and change my lifestyle, but we were able to eat at least one meal grown here this year.  Thank you God.

(The flower, onion, and cheese were bought.)


And finally, I got transferred to where I no longer work with Cruella De Vil, and it’s only 4 days a week usually.  So, I have more time to enjoy life a bit.