Blogging has been difficult lately.  I will, however, take this morning to hopefully educate a great deal of people.  I work in a certain place, at a position that allows you to return merchandise.  But after yesterday’s adventure, I feel I need to point out a few things:

Do not tell us you will never shop here again or buy our product again.  It is not our store.  It is not our product, and we DON’T CARE.  As a matter of fact, a great deal of us boycotted our employer prior to our employment, avoid them when possible now, and will boycott them in the future.  Some are LITERALLY counting the days until we can leave, and pretty much all of us are looking for other jobs currently.  And, I kid you not, nothing would make us happier than to watch it shut down or blow up, so trust me when I say we don’t care, even though I will only outwardly say, “Yes sir/mam”.

Do not bring back mixed paint.  Do not bring back mixed paint without a receipt.  Do not bring back mixed paint over a year old without a receipt.  Do not get an attitude with us in the hopes of us being intimidated by you and giving in.  They put the meanest people in my position for a reason.  We’re not afraid to say no to anyone.

Do not get embarrassed when your “mother” forgot her coupons AGAIN and I have to have an audible conversation with you in front of others to explain that you did not get the $2 off your Trojan massager because the coupon was for lubrication.  You’re over forty, and if you’re willing to buy said items for your “mother”, who must be over 60, then you shouldn’t get embarrassed with our conversation.  I wasn’t, but I did laugh at you afterward.

Do not tell us that we just lost a customer that spends over $2000 a month here.  For one, we don’t care, and for another, we find it impossible to believe a fifty cent hooker has that much money.

Do not come back every week with the same item after we tell you no and say we lost a customer.  Again, we don’t care, and it appears as though they didn’t lose a customer by any means.

Do not call and say you bought bad meat at our store and we have to wire you money.  I’m not that stupid.

These are just a few suggestions to make our lives better.  As far as making your life better, get a job and quit the drugs.