This is a review of the movie Frozen.  If you have not seen Frozen, this will spoil every bit of it for you, so please do not read this is you don’t want spoilers.

At first, they started singing.  I thought it an inappropriate moment for a song, but let it go.  Then they sang again.  groan!  And then another.  At this point, we were considering leaving, and I was apologizing profusely to my family for taking them there.  They warned me to never ask them to go to a movie again.

Then they sang again.  I heard the unmistakeable “Oh no!” from our 10 year old son.  That got us a chuckle.

One of the reasons we were so upset was because of the whole true love cliche garbage that we inevitably have to explain doesn’t exist to our child (after the movies).  And then the remarkable happened.  The Disney company was going out of its way to explain the foolishness of love at first sight and marrying someone too soon, etc.  Not to mention the fact that the main male character wasn’t a chiseled piece of stereotypes, but actually downright adorable.  I never found any other “hero” attractive, but this one was just flat out cute!  (I was, however, disappointed that when the ice queen turned into the ice queen, she also turned started flinging her hips from one hemisphere to the other.)

Then came the final twist.  Only an act of “true love” can save the princess.  While we were all trying to figure out how they were going to off the original hero and replace him with the cute one, we were also disgusted with the true love garbage plot again.  I believed that for Olaf to do the deed would make the most sense and show the true meaning of love, when the Disney company shocked me into silence.  The princess did the deed herself.  Only an act of true love could cure her, but she had to do the deed herself, not make someone else do it.  Remarkable.

While the above does not forgive the African tribal music introducing the film of a German culture, or the fact that it wasn’t a film, but an opera, it does make the film worth praise.  I would also like to praise the fact that Disney did not feel the need to include nonsensical characters just to appease minorities.  (I am still banned from taking the family to Disney movies until further notice though.)