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January 2014

Get a Job

I had a recent conversation with someone that really made me mad.  Here we are in an economy that not only makes it difficult to find work, but downright impossible for many.  Sometimes, the only job available is 100 miles or more away, or for a horrible company, a mega giant that pays nothing, offers nothing, and puts good people and businesses out of work.  This person had recently visited one of those stores.

This person than told me how rude the sales floor employee was towards her.  “I could’ve gotten them fired!”  Really?  Does that make you feel good?  Does it make you feel powerful to know that you control whether this person and any and all persons they help support will or will not eat in the near future?

I laughed at her.  I knew the company, and its policies, and knew they wouldn’t fire them over that.  She argued, so I told her to find them another job.  If she doesn’t like the fact that this poor man is abused by his company, has a miserable job, probably life, and has to put up with the most stupid people on earth asking him the same questions over and over, then find him work elsewhere.  “Why should I?”

“Well, he’s not going to.  Tell me where he can find work.  Where is he going to go?”

“It’s not my job to find him a job.”

But it is her job to “get him fired?”  This arrogant and just plain mean attitude and actions made me so mad, I had to tell my little world how I felt about it.  I’m sorry they were rude.  They’re not an actor with a script, and if they were better at being nice when they’re beyond unhappy, they would have a job as an actor, not as one of the lowest paid and most disrespected positions known.

Not to mention the fact that you would complain if they didn’t work, so why are you complaining when they are?  Why are you complaining about not being nice when you, yourself, was going to do something much “unnicer” than being rude-trying to remove someone’s livelihood from them.  Something that they have traveled who knows how far for, and searched who knows how long for before finally giving up and taking that position because it’s all there was.

Be nice people.  Think of others.  Understand others.  Don’t be so arrogant that you can not see past your own bubble.  Tip your waiter/waitress.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with the system or not.  The employer does, and they will not raise their pay just because you want them to.  I quit being friends with people for “I don’t believe in tipping.”, and I’ll do it again.  I don’t want to be associated with mean and arrogant people.

Out of place

You know that person that panics at the thought of going camping, or hyperventilates when a moth touches them?  You know the type of person that hasn’t the faintest notion where their food comes from, or if they did they wouldn’t care? (Like that idiot that said we shouldn’t kill animals, we should just buy the meat from the store?)  The kind that cooks from cans, boxed dinners, or at least pre-made noodles, and goes out to eat at least once a week, has an active social life and a successful career with a retirement account, knows all their neighbors’ names and goes to all the neighborhood parties?  Yeah, that’s about 90% of the population.


Me?  I’m just the opposite.

I wasn’t made for that world.  I’m the kind of person that feels right at home with nothing.


I can cook practically anything over an open flame from complete scratch and think nothing of it.  I have an extensive cast iron collection that’s used almost daily.  (Most of these items have been salvaged from my grandmother, or found elsewhere and do not include the cauldron or bakeware.)


Having the power go out is often a pleasure.  (I can hear electricity, and therefore it can drive me a little crazy at times.)  I hang my laundry out in the middle of winter, and still know how to get it dry.


I have a room designated for crafts, plants, chick brooding (if necessary), and anything else that’s needed.  Growing lettuce in January:


Begrudgingly overwintering fig, olive, and banana trees:


More wool than I know what to do with from sheep I am still eating and sheared myself (Although it makes excellent stuffing!):


And a pantry shelf that should be far more filled with food at this point:


You want me to panic?  Make me act and live like everyone else.  Or, make me look at my empty pantry-yeah-that’s kinda scary.  I eat food I personally canned withOUT a pressure cooker several years ago (I don’t own a pressure cooker and never intend to) that still smells and tastes like fresh from the garden.  I know how to avoid botulism without those silly things, and never have to worry about them blowing, nor do I have to wait forever for them to cool down.  This means I can preserve a lot more food in one day.  (Please see for my water bath canning blog.)

If I want something, I don’t buy it, I make it.  I repair things, I make things last.  That’s not a pile of junk, it’s a pile of resources.  A-list celebrity?  I could never handle that kind of life.  But that’s perfectly fine by me.

Things that make you go hmmm…

Do to the fact that I am, indeed, a religious woman, I can’t go into too much detail on these events.  Suffice it too say, you can add your own imaginations to them, and it still wouldn’t be as crazy as the truth.

While working at a department store, I answered the phone many times and helped customers about items sold in said store.  Again, these stories are true.

I had a woman call, in fact I had several women call, about an item called, “The Trojan Twister”.  Now, I didn’t go find this item, but I can guess what it is.  She was very serious, it was not a joke, and got quite irate when I could not answer her questions.  I had to transfer her to pharmacy, where I was informed it was a most unpleasant conversation.  And yes, that particular item was not available, but its cousins were sold there.  And she wanted to know every detail about them and what they could do for her.  Sorry madam, I don’t own one, don’t want one, and if I did, I wouldn’t talk about my experience with the product to you…gross.

Another evening, another coworker took a call from a woman…and I quote…”Do you have something that will make my husband go hmmm?”  Now, this in and of itself is amusing, but the fact that she happened to call and talk to a lesbian coworker made it even more funny.  She asked all kinds of questions about lip glosses and told her dimensions and described her body in such a way I’m sure I never would have, especially to a gay woman, or a straight man.

Then one day, a manager had to spend and hour or more on the phone with someone who had gotten adult videos/pictures on his phone.  And since he never visits sites that would have such nonsense, it must be the store’s fault for selling the phones.  I believe he had to bring it in, and the manager had to personally remove them.  Considering this manager was even more prudish than me, it was absolutely hysterical.

I also worked where photos were developed, printed, and sold.  I never had the pleasure of the “doosies”, but I heard about them.  This included the one time a lady brought in some to print for her husband for their anniversary.  At least she had the decency to feel embarrassed.  Buy a printer people!  They’re $29!!

I shoulda stayed in bed

The day started with me picking up the sweater I started for Gizmo a very long time ago.  It’s made with that fluffy yarn.  You know, the kind that’s impossible to knit with:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo anyway, the needles had all fallen out by now, and the poor thing had been sat on and abused.  It’s hard enough to find all the dropped stitches and fix a botched job with easy yarn, can you imagine with this mess!?  I pulled all the needles out and took all my markers out (paper clips), and went to clean up.  On my arrival to put the paper clips up, the bottom of the container fell open…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt this point I informed the household that going back to bed was indeed a good possibility.  I went back to the living room, and noticed that the heel of my Perry slipper felt awfully cold.  I had stepped into some melted snow just inside the back door, and it had soaked through.  This is not going to be a good day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt actually turned out to be a great day.  I did great with my workout, school was mainly review and quick (despite stepping on three thumb tacks I had missed), and toasted sourdough sandwiches made lunch great.

Until….the power flicked off and on and off again, forcing us to find candles in a VERY dark house.  It was a cloudy night, so there was no moon to light our darkened corner of the earth.  We didn’t think to turn the lights off, so around 1 in the morning, all the lights shone bright, and we all awoke terrified, and then royally peeved.  But, using wood heat has its benefits, as we were snuggly warm in our power deprived home all night.

I don’t think Pris agrees with me.  I need to hurry up with that sweater.  Gizmo is getting drastic to stay warm.


Disappointing winter

I knew this winter was going to be bad, but winter should have snow.  Bad winters should have lots and lots of snow.  THIS…is not winter.  This is just cold….very very cold.


It did finally snow-the great “winter storm” of ’14.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut it’s still not snowy enough.  It’s a dry powder, that although Marcus is happy, it’s just not fun for me.  It’s just cold.  Very…very…cold.  It was 9 degrees (F) this morning.

As you can see, the wind was so fierce, not only did it suck all heat out of the house and blow through the cracks, but it blew the snow right onto the sides of the trees.


We had to get up throughout the night just to keep the fire going.  Even then, the electric came on a few times.  We opened both fields up to the cattle so they can get all the shelter possible (There’s trees and barns in both, but not usually enough for all of them at one time.)  The chickens are refusing to come out of the coop (I don’t blame them) this morning.  I will say the heated chicken water stand has been far better than switching out the waterers every few hours.  (We would keep one in the house to thaw out and then switch when the other one would freeze.)

Where’s my snow?  I want my snow!

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