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February 2014

What’s in a Duck Egg?

I’ve had several people wonder-is there a difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg?  Well, I went out and filmed a bit of our birds, showing the difference between the two inside and out.  I hope you learn something, and enjoy!

Nazi chicken at time 1:12-I just saw him, bottom left hand corner.



Give Society What it Wants

Everyone says our society needs to change.  We need to have free education and everyone should have a college degree, etc.  So let’s take a look at what society wants, and what would happen when it gets it.

1-All  education is free.  This includes college.

2-Everyone should go to college.

3-Everyone should have a career, pushing to succeed and be better than everyone else so they are considered successful.

Let’s look at this.  All education is free.  OK, not a problem.  Now, if no one has to pay for college, everyone can get a degree.  Once everyone gets a degree, they will no longer wish to work production, administrative, retail, or in the service industry.  Who will?  Furthermore, if education is free, why would anyone need a job in order to pay for college?  Everyone graduates high school, goes to college, never really works a day, and they graduate into “success”.  Of course, in a generation or less there will be a vast shortage of waiters, cashiers, car washers, gas station attendants, baby sitters, you get the idea.

Now, if everyone should go to college, this only reiterates my above explanation of problems occurring from an over educated society.  It also raises a plethora of debatable problems such as: forcing agrarian societies to modernize, looking down on those who aren’t “successful”, and the complete inability of the “educated” to survive without all the technology.  But I shan’t mention those now.

And lastly, everyone should be successful.  This simply means that everyone should have a career, period.  I read a statement once where a friend told about how she had gone to school while raising children and being married yadda yadda.  That’s great, and I’m proud of her for trying and getting what she wanted, but the whole “What’s your excuse?”  Didn’t need to happen.  I talked with someone over the phone who informed me that while “being a farmer’s wife” is certainly OK, it’s not really enough is it?  And lastly, I was working three jobs, one of them 12 hours a day at a concrete block plant where I was the only female to ever work there…to this day.  I also delivered pizzas 2-3 days a week.  I enjoyed working at the block plant.  For one, it’s not the job you do, but the people you do it with.  For another, I enjoy physical labor.  Not having to spend time and money at a gym was great for me.  But when I delivered my pizzas that night, the owner of the restaurant said, upon finding out I was also working at the block plant, “I see we’ve resorted to manual labor.”

So people, when you decide you want something in society to change, think about the consequences.  What will really happen?  Oh, and you are not better than your waiter, and the last thing they want to hear is, “Well, at least you’re working towards something.”  Perhaps they aren’t working towards college, have no intention of working towards college, or perhaps they are happy where they are, until you showed up.

Another day another fight

David Hyde Pierce, and amazing actor, has a great quote.  Concerning who he does or does not marry, and whether or not it should be legal for him to do so, “I’m sorry, it’s none of your business.”

This is how I had grown to feel concerning evolutionists and atheists attitudes towards us religious folk.  They call us names, cuss us out, and try to change our beliefs.  I am a Creationist, and I’m sorry, it’s none of your business.

I started this post, I’d say over a year ago.  It mattered so much to me, that I wanted to give it my full attention and ensure it portrayed all that was necessary and in the proper way.  Being a perfectionist, I’ll never get this post to that caliper, so this will have to do.  At the time of the beginning of the writing of this post, being a Creationist was almost illegal.  It most certainly destroyed your career if you happened to be a scientist, no matter what field of science you chose.  It limited your friends.  And it made you the laughing stock of the world.  However, after last night’s debate, I believe this may have changed.

One of my favorite TV shows, Frasier, is also one of the most prejudice against religions.  Several episodes display this.  Not using bad language is considered silly, and laughed at by both the characters and the audience.  Roz can turn her nose up at religious men, but they can’t call her loose and turn their nose up at her.  One girl dates Frasier and is made a laughing stock because she is religious.  This is hardly the only show like it, but a good example for sure. 

It had gotten to the point that I feared Creationism to be illegal, much like the religious view that homosexuality is wrong.  By no means do I or many others call them names, or act inappropriately towards homosexuals, but there are, in fact, homosexuals (or people pretending to be) that tour area churches looking for a reason to sue or cause a media outbreak.  Churches are being shut down because of this.  Parents denied the ability to adopt.  It is only getting worse.  Religion, and the restrictions it imposes, is no longer welcome here.

However, last night’s debate proved a great deal to me.  Bill Nye was respectful, greatly.  Ken Ham was practically thumping his Bible and yet, he was respected.  What really spoke to me was CNN this morning.  I watched their spiel to see what they had to say.  They didn’t.  They showed highlights with absolutely no commentary.  What does this say?  Does it mean they didn’t know what to say?  I don’t think so.  I think it means they were afraid.  Just as they would never say certain things to offend others, whether for ratings or to appease their producers, they said nothing to offend us.

I don’t agree with Ken Ham’s model.  I am a Creationist.  I believe evolution is wrong, faulty, and does not need to be taught in public schools.  I don’t believe you can prove Creation or God.  I don’t believe He wants it proven (until the end), and I most certainly don’t want creationism taught in public schools anymore than I want my child to be taught the earth was carried on the back of a turtle by Corn Mother, or to pray to a different god five times a day.  All I want is respect.  Stop treating us like idiots.  Stop laughing at us and calling us names.  It appears, for the moment, I have gotten my wish.  Hopefully, this respect will continue.


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