We decided to take a day and go to Rock City.  Homeschooling has its benefits, and we use those to the best of our abilities.  One of those benefits is impromptu field trips when discounted or free tickets come our way.

We started off with a beautiful trip down a sidewalk resembling a botanical garden.  Truly beautiful pictures leapt into my camera.

botanical gardens

We then posed on a rock couch for lovely family pictures that embarrass younger members later.



Off to gnome land with their quaint little village of creatures too shy to be caught moving.

gnome land

Found some more really unique plants.

botanical gardens

And then crossed the swinging bridge…

swinging bridge

Onto a scary platform…

tall cliff

And then onto the cliff for a panoramic shot.

panoramic tennessee

Thought about diving into a pool…

cool waterfalls

Until a final wave goodbye to the gnomes as we exit through their castle.

castle of the gnomes

This is but a fraction of what you can see at the glorious Rock City.  The Rock City website can be visited at www.seerockcity.com.  You can usually get discounts by buying packages at www.lookoutmountain.com.  Enjoy your visit!