Everyone’s had it, and everyone hates them.  Ads, ads, ads.  Unfortunately, it appears as though advertisements are the income of the present and not-so-distant future.  So, I’ve learned to live with them.  I’m even trying to gain from them, but I will not tolerate ads once I leave a page.

       This instance started a week or so ago when I noticed tabs opening up without permission.  I was on a site I visited daily, a site I had grown to trust and had even used myself.  Huge ads streaming across the page, tabs opening up with video playing.  Then, last night, I noticed banners across the bottom and along the side of my page, any page, all the time.  This is not advertising, this is provoking.  There is no way I would purchase something from someone so rude.  So, how do I get it off?

       There’s the kicker.  This information changes every 6-18 months, so always go to a recent article for the latest software.  I would not use AVG at this time.  Too many complaints, too many problems.  But you can use Malwarebytes, Hitmanpro, and Adwcleaner.  That’s what I did, and here’s how you can too.

       Malwarebytes can be found here.


This is their official site, so be sure to download from it.  Use the free version on the bottom left of the screen, and follow the instructions.  Be sure to check all the items it wishes to delete.  I have had several programs try to delete perfectly legitimate items, only to waste more of my time reinstalling everything.

       This next program is HitmanPro.  It can be found here.

hitman pro

This is only a 30 day trial, but hopefully you won’t need it again after that (like I said, it changes so often that you may choose a different program the next time).  You will need to know whether you are a 32 or a 64 bit OS.  For that information, visit here.

is my os 32 or 64

Once you have determined whether you are 64 or 32, download the appropriate version, install, and run.  Again, check all items before allowing it to delete them.

And lastly, I used Adwcleaner.  One place to find it is here.  This is not the official site, so feel free to go elsewhere.  Now, see that green button on the top left?  That is not how to download.  The trick to knowing if a download button is legitimate or not is to hover (DO NOT CLICK) over the button with your mouse, and then look on the bottom left of you browser.  Go ahead, and hover over the picture below.  It should show “http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/Removal-Tools/AdwCleaner.shtml

Now, that green button showed (for me) a link with “doubleclick” or “ad” or something of that nature in its address.  That means it is an advertisement.  It may not be a green button when you visit.  It may look like an actual ad.  These things change.

In order to download the actual program, click the blue button.  It’s hyperlink says “http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/AdwCleaner-Download-212632.html”  This means your browser will download the program.  (I do apologize for not being able to find a better download site for you)


Download, install, and run at least twice.  Remember to check those items before you delete them!

Again, run each one separately.  Run them several times each.  You will have to reboot your computer several times.  And be SURE to check each item they want to delete before you hit “OK”!  Good luck.