As if it wasn’t obvious by now, we homeschool.  We have to purchase curriculum, etc every year.  Some people use this, some use that.  We have used several and currently use Abeka.  Abeka has showcases that allow you to not only view everything there, ask every question imaginable, and talk to experienced homeschoolers, but also buy at a large discount.  I got mine for 25% off with no shipping charges.  Their website says shipping is now free on all orders, but I’m not sure how long that will last.  Furthermore, when you’re spending a few hundred, 25% off is definitely worth the drive and time!

We arrived early, unexpectedly, but went on in.  They were all set up nice and pretty like.  We really enjoyed the display and getting to ask questions.  I really enjoyed the fact that I could let Marcus look and tell me what he would and would not learn best from and enjoy.

After all the fun, and spending all our money, we ventured off to find Arlis a pair of boots.  He wanted to go to French’s in Cookeville.  They were terribly expensive for the same crap at walmart.  I kept telling him that I wanted to go to the store we bought our boots at originally.  He finally agreed and off we went!

There’s a little Western Store called BJ’s Western Store.  It has a better variety with much higher quality boots.  I always buy men’s.  I needed work boots, not twinkly pink things that break your toes.  I had Justin before, the George Strait line, and they still haven’t worn out.  That was over 3 years ago.  This time, I bought Double H boots.  $209.  Worth every penny.

new boots

Wooden soles, 110 year old company, heavy, durable, comfortable, leather, and best of all, made in Pennsylvania.  All this info was given by the owner, BJ.  I can spot a salesman a mile away, but he’s the old fashioned department store kind, the kind that knows his product.  He heard what I wanted and got it for me, no questions asked.  When I told him I wanted men’s, he pulled off the shelf exactly what I wanted, in men’s.  (I did try one pair of women’s.  It took me holding onto the seat and Arlis pulling on the boot to get it off.  Quite amusing for us all, except for the painful part.)

They look good on too.

boot on

Arlis also bought a new hat.  Wagers on how long it will stay this color?


We bought here last time, over 3 years ago.  I remember being given some parting gifts then too.  This time, we got a nifty hat:


And whatever this is:


You know those old shows that shows people getting waited on by people that know what they’re talking about and makes them feel like royalty?  You ever wanted to know what that was like?  Go to BJ’s Western Store and find out!  You won’t feel rich, or like royalty.  You actually leave feeling appreciated, and like you made a good buy.  You got your money’s worth, and you won’t go anywhere else.  Tell ‘em I sent you and thank them for a wonderful pair of awesome boots!