Quay House-the smallest house in Great Britain

The Quay house

The “smallest house in Italy”

smallest house in italy

Cob house #1 (If you are the owner of this house, and have a link for me to use, please send it to me)


Cob house #2 (again, send me your link if you are the owner of this house)


The Minister’s Tree house of Crossville, TN  (temporarily closed due to the government being their usual stupid selves.  Visit here for more details.)

Huge tree house

The Redwoods Treehouse-New Zealand  (wonder what happens when it rains…?)

cool tree house

Abandoned mine houses at Coober Pedy, Austrailia

cave house

Houses built in caves (if you are the owner of this house, please send me a link)


Glass houses-These would never work for me.  I would drop a giant rock or something.  I can only imagine the heating bill, and where do you go to the bathroom??!  Anyone?

glass house

And THE COOLEST of all!!!  The plane house.  Yup, that is too cool!  (again, will the owner please stand up and send me a link)