I was laying in my gorgeous new bed clothes enjoying the lushness of a morning off, when I awoke brutally to the sounds of ice pellets hitting the house.  Oh joy.  So, donning my bathrobe, and inserting my bare feet into my nice, also new, boots, I ran outside to bring in the seed trays for this year’s summer crops.  They were covered in pellets, but it was only 36, and they made it just fine, on my dining room table, dripping water all over the, yes-you guessed it-, also new floor.  I had to clean up from last night, something I had no intention of doing until after dark tonight, in order to cover the table with seed trays.

cucumber sprouts

I can honestly say I’ve never seen Fargo look so sad.  Seriously!  Look at his face!  You can see it drawn down.  If he were a cow, he’d cry.

sad bull

I went ahead and got dressed, why not at this point, and went for a walk outside.  Pepper looks like she’ll calve in this snow storm today, and the chickens are completely out of food.  I forgot to pick some up last night.  I know they’re hungry because they wouldn’t leave the coop, and just stared at me, whipping their heads from the feed barrel, back to me, over and over again like an “Attack of the Killer Chickens” movie.  I got out their feeders and poured what pitiful amounts of food were left out of the barrel into the feeder.  I don’t think they’ll get much food outside today.

I came in, informed Arlis to check on Pepper, and immediately started boiling rice and soaking beans so the chickens can eat.  I suppose I could feed them dog food or cat food, but those beans were generations old and some had gone bad.  Now, while chickens don’t care if there are bugs in their beans, I do.

So, why boil the rice?  Isn’t that proven wrong now?  May be.  All I know is I fed my chickens uncooked rice and 2 of them died.  It could be coincidence, but why chance it?

I finished my walk outside and noticed my poor little tulips, so unloved, so abused, their glorious splendor being spat upon by evil bully clouds from above.  It’s ok!  I love you tulips!

snow on tulips

I turned to come inside, hoping I can salvage a nap, shivering, my legs in pain they’re so cold.

snow picture


Wherever you go, whatever you do,

I will be right here waiting for you.

Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks,

I will be right here waiting for you.