1.  Safe Harbor Academy

This is a Christian school for “troubled” boys.  It only houses 15 boys.  They live on boats and go to school year round.  They’re not allowed to bring personal items, not even a guitar.  Doesn’t that just sound glorious.  It seems to work though as they even made a movie about it and everything.  Located in Jacksonville, FL, each boy gets a donated boat that they fix up and use.  They are each completely responsible for the upkeep of their boat.

safe harbor boats

2.  The Zhongdong cave school, China.

These wonderful people live simply with school conducted in caves.  Naturally, this must be evil, since they are “backwards”, not progressing as the government would like (aka, not working for someone else and paying a bunch of taxes), and was thankfully shut down in 2011 before spreading their “caveman” ideas, such as self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and self-worth.  (Am I ranting here?  Sorry.)

cave school

3.  The underground Abo Elementary School of New Mexico.

This school was built with the intention of being a fallout shelter that just happened to educate people.  Talk about growing up paranoid!  The above link will take you to a good article on it with more pictures.  Below is a listing of the floor plan with “normal” and “emergency” use guidelines.

bandicam 2014-04-13 05-25-09-160

4.  Christ’s Hospital which…wait that’s…yup, that looks almost identical to Hogwarts.

Well that’s just cool.  Boarding tuition is over $15,000 (9400 pounds), plus extra goodies, if needed.  They supplement by renting the hall out for weddings and things.

common room

5.  EduKick Spanish and soccer school (or futbol).

Apparently this is a real school with 3 month, semester, and full year programs to immerse students in Spanish and hard core soccer training.  I guess it’s like the high schools in NY for the performing arts, only the performing feet…sorry.  I’ll stop now.  They associate with Rosa Chacel for non-soccer education like math, etc.

bandicam 2014-04-13 05-42-40-725

6.  The Global School.

At $79,000 per year, this is the most expensive school I recall ever seeing.  The students travel all over the world.  As I write this, they are in Japan.  Their schedules change weekly/daily in order to accomplish whatever they need to at the time.  For example, they may learn biology a great deal by visiting the rain forest.  Obviously, this will make a high tuition.  They have host schools.  Presently, their host school is the Hiroshima International School.  And as I said, I completely understand the high cost due to the travel aspect, BUT, get this, you are still responsible for the transportation of your child from one location to the next, cost and all-craaaazyyyy.

traveling boarding school

7.  The boat schools of Bangladesh.

Another school on boats, but a little more pleasant.  In Bangladesh, it can be difficult to impossible to go to school for many children.  So, they converted a bunch of boats into schools and brought the school to the children.  Sweet.  The boats also appear to be solar powered and provide adults with practical information too, as this video will show.

boat school