Little Bantam Hen sat on her eggs faithfully.  She only got up for a bit each day to eat and drink.  The other hens are confused, and continue to lay in the same spot.

competing chickens

Little Bantam sits elsewhere, patiently waiting her turn to sit on her own brood.  All of the other hens finally start laying elsewhere.  But…Broody Hen decides she wants a brood too, and she doesn’t want to start from the beginning.  So…she bullies Little Bantam off her brood, and sits them herself.


Little Bantam takes over a new brood, on the new batch of eggs freshly laid by all the hens.  The other hens refuse, again, to leave their new spot, and Little Bantam sits and waits for her turn to hatch her own children.

Speckles goes broody.


Again, Little Bantam is bullied, but Little Bantam won’t quit this time.

Daphne? Arthur?  Have you seen Little Bantam?


George? Little Red?  Lace?  Have you seen Little Bantam?

pretty rooster

Broody Hen?  Have you seen Little Bantam?

broody hen

Good Grief!!  Speckles!  Get out of the way!

hen sitting on hen